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The intricate designs, the precision, the ease of doing and the speed all combine to making the LaserKrafter and ideal tool for cutting and Engraving wood, MDF or Particle Board.


With the ability to cut upto 15mm Acrylic of any colour into any shape with precision of 30 Microns, the LaserKrafter makes cutting acrylic easier than ever.


The LaserKrafter can cut through any kind of fabric you ant it to. Leather, Cotton or synthetics, This machine can do it all precisely, quickly and with utmost ease.


No more of hours of etching into the stone to make one name plate when the LaserKrafter can do that in minutes. and, now you can make portraits in marble with our LaserKrafter.

" One stop solution for all your manufacturing needs "

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With the boom in Indian Manufacturing Industry , the need for laser machines is ever increasing. With no cost efficient option available, people tend to fall for the cheap chinese qualiy machines that have no relaibility. We are changing that. We are the first company manufacturing Top quality Laser cutting machines inhouse, in INDIA. Ending the chinese dominence in indian Laser market , we aim to provide quality machines with utmost relaibilty and quality assurance. With top notch electronics and german parts , our machine offers one stop solution for all types of cutting in Wood, Acrylic, Leather, MDF or cloth. With working spead of upto 8mm/second the machine is quick and will handle all your protyping and manufacturing needs.

  • More Relaibility

    With top noch build and german electronics, LaserKrafter will never fail you.

  • Easier to Use

    With our graphic driven User Interface, getting work done has never been easier.

  • More service warranty

    We secure you for 3 years in the price of 2. We are there when you need us.

  • Lesser chances of Breakage or malfunction

    We make and deliver from Delhi , No more damages in frieght.

Our Aim

Giving affordable laser cutting and engraving solutions with utmost ease of use and relaibility
The Max utility with ease of use
With state of the art electronics panel and software integration , our machine offers the widest array of tools with easy to use Graphic interface.
premium hardware and German electronics.
Assuring reliability and stability of the machine by using top quality materials in the construciton of the machine.
Upto 20 Microns of accuracy
We give the utmost importance to precison , in order to make sure that we recreate your designs with unbelievable accuracy.
You can reach us whenever you want.
With a 2 year sevice garuntee that comes with our machines , we offer extended warranty as well with minimal cost.

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